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Welcome to Contra Costa Parents of Multiples!

What can CCPOM offer me?
There is so much going on with CCPOM and we want you to know about ALL the activities and programs.  There is a place for everyone and we hope you will come out and join the fun!  

Social Events: These fun events are open to all members and their families. Traditionally, they have been:

  •       Easter Egg Hunt
  •       End of Summer Picnic
  •       Halloween Pumpkin Patch Outing
  •       Cocoa with Santa
  •       Mom's Holiday Dinner

General Meetings: The General Meetings are open to all members and typically happen on the 3rd Thursday of every month during which there is not a specific social event scheduled, which works out to 6 months out of the year. They are meant to be general interest items our members might enjoy; they are generally a mix of informational and pure fun. Recently they have included topics like:

  •        Wine Tasting (usually near Valentine's Day as a couples night)
  •        Mani/Pedi Nights
  •        Mom's Night Out a Restaurant
  •        Self- defense training for women at a karate studio
  •        Couple Communication Seminar
  •        Secret Pal Reveal Ice Cream Social
  •        Blow Dry Bar Outing
  •        Private Chocolate Tasting
  •        Family Friendly, Easy, Quick Healthy Meals and Snacks Presentation

Board Meetings: There are executive board meetings the first Monday of every month and are used to plan upcoming events and decide club-wide issues. Typically only the Board Members attend, but all members are welcome.


Extra Events:

  •        Bingo Night (our largest annual fundraiser)
  •        4th of July Parade
  •        New Mom's Tea (2x a year)
  •        Book Club - They meet once a month at a different restaurant. Reading the book is not required!
Age-Specific Play Group Activities: These are activities that are planned a few times a year and there is a different event for different age groups of kids.  In the past, playdates have included a morning out at the movies, park outings, and hosted age-specific playdates in members' homes for crawlers or pre-crawlers, etc.

Equipment, Toys and Clothes (ETC) Sale: This event is held once a year and is one of our most popular events!    The club rents a large space and CCPOM members can sell their gently used equipment, toys and clothes to other members and the general public at great prices.  The club has computerized scanners and retail-type cash registers in operation, staffed by volunteer club members. Club members who are selling items and the club share in the profits.  The next ETC sale will be in the spring of 2019.  

Additional Programs and Resources:
Angel Mom - A club program for new moms where a seasoned club Mom will be assigned to be your mentor, to help answer any questions you may have and to bring you and your family one meal. Sign up on the club's website or email the coordinator if you are interested.
Email Support - One of the best benefits of being a member is the ability to send out an email to all members asking for support, items for sale, and advice.  We are great network of caring parents!

Secret Pal - is a fun program that begins every August, where you are randomly matched with another club member to get to know her a bit better. This entails purchasing gifts for the other member at least four times a year - on her birthday, her anniversary, Mother's Day and July General Meeting. She will not know your identity and you will deliver the gifts to her in secret! The culmination of the program is the July General Meeting, where your identity is revealed to each other at the Secret Pal Reveal. It is a great way to get to know fellow members and to make a new friend!

Helping Hands - This program provides support for our members who are in need of assistance, such as meal trains for new mothers, etc..

Philanthropy - CCPOM fundraises and supports select local charitable organizations.

We are also members of NCAMOTC and NOMOTC both of which offer additional online support and a quarterly newsletter "Notebook" which will be e-mailed to you.

Membership Dues are $40.00 annually per family.  This runs from August 1 to July 31 yearly.  
Members who maintain a continual membership for 7 years pay an annual Alumni membership of $20.00  



For additional information and contacts for our events and programs please visit our website.